martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Recipe VII Corn Flakes chicken breast

Hi again, 

I am back with a new recipe in English, I even thought about stopping translating but just a week ago I reached 1000 hits in the translated blog so I decided to go on. Here the evidence.

This recipe is probably the most successful of the spanish version and you are gonna love it! It super easy, really crunchy and and with all the moisture possible, awesome.

Ingredients (5people)

-2 pounds of chicken breast, sliced

-1/2 pound of corn flakes

-2 pounds of potatoes

-olive oil


-black pepper

First of all we will put some salt and pepper in both sides of the chicken.

We add the cereal to a deep bowl and we crush them with something hard (cup, bowl,glass)

This should be enough

Add a couple of eggs to a deep dish and whisk them

Then we  dip the chicken in the egg, it must be pretty wet on both sides so that the cereal sticks, we throw it to the bowl.

Yo have to make sure that the breast y fully covered in cereal, you can use the heavy thing you used before and press the cereal. And we have it ready for frying.

You do the same for the rest of the chicken. Meanwhile put a pan on the heat with olive oil enough for covering the chicken 

We get ready the rest of the chicken, and when the oil starts to be smoky, we start frying.

We let it fry at top heat so that the cereal gets brown, crispy, crunchy, beautiful.Flip it if the oil doesn't cover it completely (specially the last pieces). When it is ready let it drain in kitchen paper.

And now it is ready to serve!! I served it with some homemade fries and tomato sauce, what about you?

And as usual, a closer pic.

Hope u like it!!

martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Recipe VI Tomato sauce (pizza or pasta)

Hi everyone!

I am back again with the most useful recipe I've shared with you, a homemade tomato sauce, ready in  only 10 minutes(of attention) and absolutely delicious. It can be used for pasta, pizza, rice even meat, and you can freeze it and use it whenever you need to!

Ingredients (1lb of sauce)

-1 Clove of garlic

-2 cans of pureed tomatoes

-1 tbsp of salt

-1,5 tbsp of sugar

-Olive oil

-Black Pepper

-Spices (oregano, basil, thyme...)

First of all we will put some oil in a small pot and cook the clove of garlic, medium heat until brown both sides. 

We put the garlic away and the pan away from the heat and add the tomatoes. Add salt, sugar and the amount of pepper you want. Stir it.

Turn the heat to the highest until it starts boiling. 

By that moment, lower the heat just to keep it boiling and cook it slowly, uncovered until it reduces to more or less half of the original amount. It will take around 45 minutes. 
Around  half an hour later add the herbs/spices. You can choose the ones you prefer, I picked up these just because they really match with pasta and pizza.

Stir it al again and this is the amount you will get

Ready for serving!

And closer!

I hope you like it! 

P.S.: I used it in some homemade pizza, what about you?

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Recipe V 'Broken' Eggs with ham (and how to fry an egg)

Hi again guys!

I am back, back at Spain and back here with you, at the blog. It has been a really good time in the US but it's time now for being home. It's Christmas but I still don't feel like cooking something typical of holiday so I am cooking another spanish classic, very usual tapa, 'Huevos Rotos'

Ingredients (5people)

-10 eggs

-4 big potatoes (2 pounds aprox.)

-8 slices of spanish cured ham (in the US is more usual 'Parma' ham and it's kind of close so you can go for it)

-Olive oil


-Parsley (decoration)

Before doing anything else, take the eggs out of the fridge, so that they are kind of warm when we cook them. This will be safer as it prevents the oil from 'jumping' out of the pan when we add the egg.

First, we are going to clean  and slice the potatoes. We are going to make fries, so we will cut first them lengthwise and then vertically. Like this.

Now is the moment for frying them. I fried them this time using the deep fryer because I was in a rush and there were a lot of potatoes so there was no choice. you could also do it in a standard frying pan, with plenty of oil, waiting for it to be hot and then adding the potatoes. You should do them in several batches.

We wait for the deep frier to be ready, and put them carefully inside. They will be ready in 10 minutes, maybe a little but more. Anyway, for this recipe we don't need crunchy fries, in fact we do not want them to be crunchy. Add salt when ready and let them rest in kitchen paper for eliminating the excess of oil.

Now it's time for cooking the eggs and today we are going to learn how to fry one. Firstly you have to add a nice amount of oil to a small pan and heat it till it starts to be a little bit smoky. Crack carefully the egg and add it slowly to the pan. Pay special attention for not breaking the yoke.

While the egg is cooking, take a spoon and sprinkle the yoke with oil until it changes color.
When the egg starts to be curly it's the moment of removing it from the pan using a slotted spoon. Try to put the yoke in the middle because it is the heaviest, rise it, let it drain for a couple of seconds and put it in a plate.

And there it is! Some salt, and ready. 

Now you only have to do the same with the rest of the eggs, checking out the fries from time to time. When they start to be brown, you take them out and let them drain in kitchen paper. Salt

Now it is time for the ham, no oil in the pan, just 30 seconds each side will be enough  for empowering a little bit its flavour.

And now that we have all the ingredients ready it only remains to "break" them. So you put the fries in a bowl, the eggs on top and we cut them with a knife, mixing it well. You will have creamy yoke all over it.
We add the ham and the juices remaining in the pan. Mix it again and serve it in a large dish, decorating with parsley if you want.
This is it!
And, as usual, closer.

I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!